Train + Bike

                                TRAIN: Florence – Vicchio

It starts from the railway station of Florence S.M.Novella, and after a few minutes the regional train introduces us into the Florentine countryside, we meet the first olive trees, the vineyards. The Arno river and then the Sieve river show themselves now to the right, now to the left, to cross our path. Leaving behind the vineyards of Chianti Rufina, the valley of the Sieve river opens up before us, the land usually used for the cultivation of wheat, corn, sunflowers is more extensive, some cows grazing, the first spurs of the Apennine chain can be seen .

We are now in Mugello, the land that gave the origins to the Medici family, to artists such as Giotto and Beato Angelico, which has always been a “garden and paradise” of Tuscany. We go down to the Vicchio station and it only takes a few steps for the Apennine mountain range to appear in front of us. The train has shortened the distance from the city and showed the mountain, the bike will take us so close that it touches it, it will make us explore and experience it.


Consult the train timetable. The departure and arrival times of the tour will be agreed at the time of booking. At the Vicchio station you will meet the Mugellove guide who will provide you with the bikes and accessories.

Level of difficulty: INTERMEDIATE
Lengtt: 18 Km (11 miles)
Elevation gain uphill:  440 m (1450 ft)
Surface: paved road, unpaved road
Duration:  5 hours
Meeting point: Vicchio (FI), Train Station


From the city center to the mountains, on an eco-friendly journey, first the train then the bike will accompany us along the way. The train allows us to leave the city center in an ecological and safe way, overcoming the city traffic, so we can reach the Tuscan countryside without taking dangerous roads for cyclists. Mugellove provides bikes to explore the hilly area of ​​Mugello, up to the foot of the Apennines, thus connecting the city to the mountains in an ecological and virtuous journey.

                                              BIKE: Vicchio-Ronta

The bike itinerary starts from Vicchio, ideally combining the city of Florence with the small town of medieval origin, where Giotto was born. The works of the artist who lived in Florence are characterized by natural landscapes, it is now recognized that he represents the Tuscan countryside in his works, and visiting the Mugello, his native land, we will know the places and images that the artist has carried inside, since he was a child, and which inevitably inspired him in the creation of his paintings. We will discover the origins of the Tuscan landscape, famous all over the world. The route winds through secondary trades away from traffic and crosses a rural area, where cultivated fields, vineyards and olive trees form a colorful chessboard, dotted with farmhouses, stately villas, Romanesque churches.

The bicycle is the ideal way to live an authentic experience. We can stop in front of the facade of the Romanesque Pieve di San Cassiano in Padule, visit a farm that produces saffron and honey, see some vineyards. Moving away from the valley of the Sieve river, the road begins to climb, showing us the Apennine mountains more and more closely, the landscape becomes mountainous, and the gentle ups and downs of the dirt road accompany us through oak woods and chestnut fruit crops.


The excursion ends in the town of Ronta, where travelers can return their bicycles and take the train back to Florence.


  • Assistance along the way.
  • GPS track of the itinerary.
  • Environmental Guide service upon request.

Bicycles and accessories will be returned to the Ronta train station.