Sunset in the Apennines - the evening lights and the sounds of the woods

An easy itinerary that allows you to experience the magical atmosphere of sunset over the Apennines mountains while watching wildlife and listening to the sounds of the forest.


After a pleasant walk under the last rays of sunlight, you’ll find yourself in a beautiful panoramic spot among oak and chestnut trees, away from the noises of the valley and surrounded only by the Apennines mountain range that binds the whole of Italy.

This is a unique, intimate experience in a place that evokes an ancient atmosphere – living in silence, listening to the sounds of nature, and observing the nocturnal wild animals that come out at night.

Sunset in the Apennines
Level of difficulty: BASIC
Length: 3 Km (2 miles)
Elevation gain uphill: 200 m (650 ft)
Terreno:  unpaved road
Duration: 3 hours
Meeting point: Vicchio (FI), piazza Giotto (15 min transfer to the start point)