Discover Mugello

Mugello contains all the most beautiful and typical aspects of the Tuscan landscape

is located just a few kilometres north of Florence. The region is linked to the capital of Tuscany not only because of its geographical proximity. Over the centuries, Mugello has been a main source of food and cultural supplies to Florence, and was a place of leisure and joy for Florentine men. Some of Italy’s best artists have lived in Mugello, including Giotto, Beato Angelico, and Benvenuto Cellini. It is also where Italy’s famed Medici family originated.

Visiting Mugello on bike means pedalling on country roads between vineyards and olive trees, where the slopes are sweet and the climbs and descents take us on a discovery of new places. Bike is the ideal means of transport for an authentic Mugello experience. Travelling at a slow pace is the best way to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

Cultivation, meadows and rivers form a colourful chessboard that is dotted with farmhouses, medieval villages, churches and noble villas. T he great thing about bike riding is also the ability to take breaks along the way. It’s only when you stop at a farmyard or stand in front of a Romanesque church facade that you can appreciate the intimacy of this land, where the coexistence between popular and religious beliefs derive from the traditions of peasant culture, of which we can still trace back today.
Hundreds of kilometres of suburban and country roads, mule tracks and carrarecce connect the Mugello valley to surrounding mountain forests. The bike tacks that run alongside the main river are a real treat for all types of cyclists and walkers to experience. This area is far from traffic and noises. Instead, the bike paths cross small inhabited towns, anthropic or wild natural environments, and sites of remarkable historical and artistic interest.