The Apennines – the real Italian mountains

The Appennines

the real Italian mountains

TREKKING    hike
Level of difficulty: ADVANCED
Length: 10 Km (6 miles)
Elevation gain uphill: 550m (1800 ft)
Surface:  trail
Duration: 5-6 hours
Meeting point: Vicchio (FI), piazza Giotto, (15 min transfer to the start point)

Trek the mountainous area of ​​Mugello and discover a natural environment that’s rich in history.

The Apennines is a mountain range that stretches from the north to the south of Italy. It crosses through Mugello, enriching the town with its incredible mountainous landscape.

The trekking path has been part of the area’s main road network since Etruscan times, located between central Italy and the Lombardy plain. The area was used primarily by the Etruscans to connect the towns of Fiesole and Felsina (Bologna). It was then populated by the Romans, and in the Medieval times was home to Tuscany’s noble Count Guidi, It remained inhabited by farming families until the 1960s.

This excursion through the woods is therefore a journey between past and present. Signs of early human inhabitants are still evident in the form of old houses and established streets, but the now abandoned space is simply a reminder of the life that was.

Walk among the olive, apple and cherry trees, and climb the hilly landscape for a bird’s eye view overlooking the woods. You can also visit the ruins of the Rock of Gattaia and Longobardo Castle, acquired by the Fiorentine Republic at the end of the fourteenth century. There are many vantage points for a spectacular view, overlooking both the Apennine ridge and the Faentina railway on the valley floor.

After crossing the Muccione stream, the circular route ends through a field of chestnut trees, typical of the mountainous area of ​​Mugello.



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