Land of painters – half day bike tour

Land of painters - the origins of the Tuscan landscape

half day bike tour

BIKE TOUR       bike 
Level of difficulty: BEGINNER / BASIC
Lengtt: 15/20 Km (9/12 miles)
Elevation gain uphill: 100/300 m (300/900 ft)
Surface: paved road, unpaved road
Duration: 2 - 3 hours
Meeting point: Vicchio (FI), piazza Giotto

This is a bike tour in the heart of Mugello in Tuscany, just a few kilometres north of Florence. The streets are immersed in nature, showing signs of a peasant culture that bares a rich history.

Cycle up and down the hills along the bike path, riding between farmhouses, fields and vineyards. The path runs alongside Romanesque churches, manor houses, and a Medici villa.

Enjoy a peaceful ride, admiring the typical Tuscan landscape. We will detour on the "painters' trail" for an opportunity to visit Giotto’s house and Cimabue's Bridge.

Travel to the places where great artists, such as Giotto and Beato Angelico, lived their youth. Take a close at the very place that influenced some of their most famous works, such as Mugello-inspired landscapes. Everyone holds special memories in their childhood home, and on this trip you will see where those memories were created for Giotto and Beato Angelico.

The itinerary crosses through the countryside of the pre-mountain Mugello hills. Cycle on paved and gravel track, which includes a surprisingly smooth assent and gentle slopes, giving us time to rest after each climb and enjoy the peaceful ‘land of painters’.

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